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Professional staff

Credit Bureau Data, Inc. has a reputation for having an experienced staff well trained in laws, regulations, policies and collection procedures. Ongoing training is a key commitment at Credit Bureau Data. Our employees have the latest technology, strongest relationship skills and most effective methods at their disposal. They receive ongoing training to maintain a high level of expertise and fully utilize every facet of our receivables management, collection and reporting methodologies. This commitment to a well-trained staff enables us to continually perform far above national standards in recoveries on delinquent accounts.

Continued Education and Training
To ensure that every member of our team remains current in state and federal laws, Credit Bureau Data holds regularly scheduled meetings to discuss new regulations and to review practices. We also conduct ongoing training seminars to review collection techniques, skip tracing strategies and new technology.

Because we believe compliance is of utmost importance in our industry, CBD created a staff position to oversee compliance issues throughout the company. We support and are committed to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the collection industry.

Management Team

“Credit Bureau Data has a pleasant staff to work with and is a real asset to our collection efforts.”